Teaching English

Australia has a high-quality education system in teaching English and there are various colleges that offer English courses:

  • Universities

Almost all universities have language centres which offer various language courses. These centres offer English from basic to advanced levels to students studying in Australia. Special language courses, such as IELTS, Business English, Medical, etc. are also available at these centres. Students who got low IELTS or TOEFL mark can study three to ten months at these centres and after passing the course, they are eligible to go directly to the university and study their chosen degree without doing the IELTS or TOEFL again. Most of these language centres will hold IELTS test as well.

  • TAFE

TAFE is another institution that offers many language courses and the tuition fee is from A$300 per week.

  • Private institutions

Private institutions also have English classes that are held at different levels and they prepare students for IELTS or any other purposes. The tuition fee is usually cheaper than universities and TAFE.