Education in America

America has one of the best education systems in the world. Obtaining undergraduate, master and a doctoral degree from this country will be an advantage because all the American degrees are accepted around the world.

Education system, School

Children go to kindergarten for a year and then five years to primary school. After that, children go to high school which takes seven years to complete. Students who successfully complete the last year of high school, year 12, will graduate and receive high school diploma.

University education

Associate degree: It is a two-year degree

Bachelor: It is a four-year degree

Master: It is a two-year degree

PhD: It takes three to four years to complete

Universities ‘calendar

Fall semester (September and October): Most students receive their offer and financial aid within this semester.

Spring semester (January and February): Some courses are still being offered in this semester but financial aid is limited.

Summer semester (July): There are some colleges and universities that offer prerequisite courses in the summer semester to prepare students for their core subjects.

Main tests

  • SAT

There are two types of test: SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject

SAT Reasoning Test is a reasoning test which tests the ability of critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills of students. In other words, this test shows how students use their knowledge that they learned in school and in the society.

This test is published by the College Board, so for more information, you can visit the following site:

SAT Subject Test is a test for specific subjects that examine the ability of students in a particular field. Colleges or universities will then see the level of preparedness of students in a specific field.

  • ACT

This test contains some multiple-choice questions which include English, math, reading and science questions. The other section is a written test that requires students to write an essay.

For more information, you can visit the following website:


TOEFL test examines the ability of students in English in four different ways: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Registration through the ETS website is required in order to give the test.

  • GRE

This test is also held by ETS and there are two types: GRE General and GRE Subject

GRE test examines language skills, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing. Most universities require students to give this test before studying master’s degree.

  • GMAT

This test is for those students who want to study management program in their master’s degree and it assess maths, analytical, quantitative, writing skills and vocabulary in English. This test is designed and published by Pearson VUE.

  • LSAT

This is a standardized test for admission in law and it assesses the reading skills, understanding complex texts and the ability of logical reasoning. LSAT is held four times a year in different places. For more information, visit the following website:

  • MCAT

Medical College Admission Test is a test required for medicine and even some graduate programs in health professionals need to do this test. For more information, visit the following website: