RAD Group ( Rahian Abi Danesh Institute – Rahaian Aeen Danesh Institute)

Student recruitment and educational counseling needs a deep and humanitarian view.

Iranians have passion for the pursue of knowledge with all their heart and they consider it as an infinite investment. These initial expenses are the root structures of future income and reputation.

The principle of RAD Group is based on providence, choosing the right university & course following an accurate planning.

Students’ success is the Institute’s goal and the accomplishment of the Institute is in achieving clients’ satisfaction as well as brilliant results gained by students in all educational programs in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud that most of our new applicants are introduced to us by our former students due to being known as respective, responsive, fast and careful.

RAD Institute performs highly beneficial education counseling and student recruitment due to being all Australian and New Zealand universities’ agent along with using the newest methods. I invite you to benefit from the excellent services of our Institute.

Management of RAD Group